We Love Radio6 Music

I know BBC Radio 6 Music very well, & have been a listener since it launched on 11 March 2002, in fact I heard the very first programme broadcasted with DJ Phil Jupitas.

I was very curious back in 2002, mainly because 6 Music was the first national music radio station to be launched by the BBC in a whopping 32 years. I found it interesting that BBC announced from the beginning that it would be available only on digital media, & you know what, that is still the case today, you will only find it on: DAB Digital Radio, the Internet, Digital TV & you can hear it on Astra 2B Satellite if you are in Northern Europe. This showed everyone, including me, how committed they were to making the switch to DAB Digital Radio.

I think that the best way to describe BBC Radio 6 Music is that it is the younger sister station to BBC Radio 2. You see it shares common DJ’s, it plays music that you would hear on BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 2, & their lies its punchline… If you are like me & you grew old listening to Radio 1 & Chris Moyles on the way to work in the morning, & you may even have tuned into him when he had his late afternoon show, then you would have found yourself eventually starting to stray over to BBC 2 looking for something a little calmer to tune into, as you got a bit older.

The problem I found was that BBC 2 was a leap too far a lot of the time for me, so I would stray back to BBC 1, until one day I really started to listen to BBC Radio 6 Music, I mean I knew it but I hadn’t really listened properly, I had tuned into its launch program & only a couple of other times. But when I did try it out on my search for the perfect Radio Balance in my car, I quickly found that It is the perfect Hybrid if you find yourself caught between BBC 1 & BBC 2 one day.

For instance, its playlist is of a similar ‘A/B/C’ structure to both BBC 1 and BBC 2, although I have found that it is generally less focussed on the latest chart music than the more mainstream stations, which is kind of what I look for nowadays.

In the evening BBC 6 Music switches from popular music to cool, quirky & unique tracks that I would describe as on the music on the fringes. Which is great, as this is where I catch some new & unheard ‘GREAT’ stuff. I think my views are shared by Radio fans everywhere, as BBC

If you would like to listen to Radio6 Music in your car JustCONNECT make it very easy for you to get DAB in your car.