Sound Quality of DAB Digital Radio vs. AM/FM Radio

There is a BIG question around DAB Digital Radio that we get asked all the time. So we decided to blog about it…

How does the sound quality of DAB Digital Radio compare to AM & FM Radio??

This has got to be one of the most controversial subjects that we have encountered, since embarking on our DAB Digital Radio journey two years ago, when we started building our company JustCONNECT.

We researched the subject thoroughly as it was so important to us. We knew that if we could confidently quote, to our potential customers, that DAB Digital Radio gets more Radio Stations in your car, & with better audio quality than you experience on AM/FM, then we were onto a winning formula. We knew that these were both going to be fundamental to our success.

The more radio stations question was easy for us, as there are over 300 DAB Digital Radio Stations available in the UK, & some of these only broadcast on DAB Digital Radio, so a BIG tick in the box on this question. When we started studying the technical information available around audio quality it was very confusing mainly because of conflicting information we found from report to report. We found some information that concluded it was the same, some that suggested it was worse & some that indicated it was better. The one thing we knew from this was that we needed to find out for ourselves, & form our own view.

We decided to keep a no-nonsense approach to this question and agreed that we would use the most sophisticated piece of testing equipment available on planet earth, a certain piece of equipment that could not be un-disputed by us or anyone else in the world - Our EARS! At the end of the day this is the best test in our no-nonsense opinion, after all this is what you will use every day to listen to DAB Digital Radio, isn’t it?!

So we hopped into the car, a certain Ford with a DAB factory Fitted Radio system, this was to be our test vehicle for this important matter. We tuned into a radio station that had an FM & DAB equivalent, this happened to be Heart (DAB) & Heart FM. We toggled simultaneously between the 2 & reached a very clear decision & very quickly, in which one we felt was best. In addition to this we also tuned into TalkSPORT & BBC 5 LIVE on AM & DAB, & then compared the DAB & AM equivalents against each other. Well we can confirm that we reached a very clear view on what we preferred - AM/FM or DAB. We personally found that the difference between AM & DAB was very clear, as you would expect. We were very surprised in the difference between Heart FM & Heart DAB. So we checked heaps of other FM stations vs. DAB, some were DAB only & some had FM equivalents. We concluded the test with the same clear opinion.

It would be wrong of us to express our opinion here in the blog due to the subjects controversial nature. So we filmed our findings & cordially invite you to watch them right here & make up your own mind. Our short film is 4 mins long & you will be able to decide for yourself. All we will say is that this was one of the major deciding factors, for us as the founders of JustCONNECT, that confirmed we just had to launch our business selling & installing DAB Digital Radio. Happy viewing, we hope you enjoy the show…